Certificate in Supply Chain Management

Certificate in Supply Chain Management (SETA qualification):

Entry Requirements: Grade 12 (Commercial subjects and passed with D)

Course Duration: 12 months and offered through self-study and/or learnership programme.

National Certificate: Supply Chain Management (SAQA ID 74149) Level 5

Credits 150

This is a learnership, and therefore has a theory and workplace component.

  • Learners are expected to complete the theory at the training provider.
  • The workplace component must be complete at a recognized workplace.
  • The activities at the workplace will be determined by the workplace tasks that need to be completed. Training Provider Workplace Selection of Workplace Learners are required to ensure that they have secured a workplace. Whilst IQ supports learners in this endeavour, it is the learner’s responsibility. The workplace selected must be in line with the course undertaken. Learners will be provided with a pack that includes:
  • Letter of request for placement • Placement guidelines for Employer organisations

Your course comprises of the following:

  • Complete Learner orientation on the programme expectations.
  • Mentor guidelines for the workplace mentors.
  • Work integrated guidelines for the workplace.
  • Learner orientation guide.
  • Process meetings map with employers and mentors.
  • Training plan including the schedule of assessments
  • Process map for the qualification.
  • Learner guides, workbooks and log books
  • E-learning lessons/ PC Tablet (with audio voice lessons)
  • Training videos to support lessons showing practical applications

Assessment Assessments are an important part of your learning as it serves as a measure to identify if you have achieved the competencies required in this course. Various assessment methods are used during the course of your programme.

All these are collated into a Portfolio of Evidence which is used for the final summative assessment. Each module of your study will have an assessment of some form. The workplace is assessed through a logbook. This comprises a list of tasks which needs to be completed and signed off by your workplace mentor.

Delivery Modality The delivery modality is flexible and designed according to the needs of the client.

The following are some of the options:

Option 1

  • Lessons are presented on a PC Tablet. These are recorded.
  • All the learner guides and workbooks are on the PC Tablet.

Option 2

  • E-learning. Lessons are on the e-learning platform and learners progress through them. Option 3 Face to face tuition according to a training.

Persons interested in this qualification

Individuals wanting to pursue a career in the supply chain field. This will as an immediate

Launch pad.

  • Warehouse managers and supervisors
  • Logistics staff
  • Forwarding industry
  • Courier industry
  • Freight industry generally

Experience Required

No management experience required.

Learners will be required to secure a workplace for the work integrated module.

Entry Requirement

Require that learners have at least a matric given the level of programme.

Some employers require learners to have worked for a period before being on a

management career path.

Employers also use this qualification as a starting point for organizational succession