Negotiations in Procurement




Learning Outcome 1: Understand key approaches in the negotiation of commercial agreements with external organisations

1.1 Analyse the application of commercial negotiations in the work of procurement and supply
1.2 Differentiate the types of approaches that can be pursued in commercial negotiations
1.3 Explain how the balance of power in commercial negotiations can affect outcomes
1.4 Identify the different types of relationships that impact on commercial negotiations

Learning Outcome 2: Know how to prepare for negotiations with external organisations

2.1 Describe the types of costs and prices in commercial negotiations
2.2 Contrast the economic factors that impact on commercial negotiations
2.3 Analyse the criteria that can be used in a commercial negotiation
2.4 Identify the resources required for a negotiation

Learning Outcome 3: Understand how commercial negotiations should be undertaken
3.1 Identify the stages of a commercial negotiation
3.2 Appraise the key methods that can influence the achievement of desired outcomes
3.3 Compare the key communication skills that help achieve desired outcomes
3.4 analyse how to assess the process and outcomes of negotiations to inform future practice


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