Sourcing in Procurement and Supply




Course Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand and apply the concept of strategic sourcing
Assess the market factors that influence strategic sourcing
Examine the assessment of sourcing options for strategic supplies of products and/or services
Analyse a strategic assessment plan for a key supplier using modelling and analytical techniques

2. Analyse and apply financial performance measures that can affect the supply chain
Assess financial measures that can be applied to measuring the performance of the supply chain
Examine the impact of stakeholder feedback on the supply chain strategy
Analyse approaches to benchmarking that can be applied to measuring the performance of the supply chain

Understand and apply tools and techniques that can be used to measure and develop contract performance in supply chain
Assess the use of key performance indicators (KPIs)
Evaluate methods of measuring and improving supply chain performance
Examine approaches available for supplier development
Assess innovative measures to improve the supply chain
4. Understand and apply financial techniques that affect supply chains
Analyse how costs and finance can affect supply chains
Analyse methods for managing the volatility of commodities in supply chains
Critically assess methods for managing the volatility of currencies in supply chains

Benefits: Course certificate plus free coaching and advisory session by Industry Experts


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